Fix price / Self performance

With an impeccable review and through investigation of your tender documents (plans and specifications) we shall provide you with a complete professional fix price for your project which will respect and take into consideration all of the applicable codes, regulations and standards of the various professional implicated in the project. As part of our commitment to be the best general contractor and services, we embrace innovative management and construction practices and cutting-edge technologies to increase our quality and efficiency. We continually broaden our knowledge, hone our expertise, and improve our processes for the benefit of our clients.

Construction management

Construction management is an excellent alternative to the standard design-bid-build approach to construction procurement, particularly on large, complex projects involving multiple work areas and phases. As construction managers, we use our experience, knowledge, and resources to assist the owner in managing the overall planning, design, and construction of a project. From the initial planning to the completion of the project, we are the owner’s primary point of contact. We coordinate all project functions—including estimating, value engineering, constructability reviews, project operations and management, scheduling, cost control, quality control, and safety—and ultimately deliver a successful project.

Design built

Construction Xperia5 has participated in a large number of highly successful design-build projects. For the owner, the primary benefit of the design-build delivery system is the simplicity of having one party responsible for the development of the project. The design-build process can also alleviate many of the cost and schedule challenges often associated with the less streamlined design-bid-build process. Throughout the design process, we play an essential role by reviewing and critiquing the design to ensure constructability while maximizing the value for each dollar spent. Our goal is to identify solutions that will best satisfy the project’s objectives in a functional, aesthetic, economical, and sustainable manner. At the same time, we provide accurate cost and schedule evaluations and establish a detailed construction plan. The result is an efficient and cost-effective design and the expeditious delivery of a successful project.